Kitty cats undertake a satirical foray into the insane world of cable customer service. Join Fluffers Reginald Bottomscratch as he claws his way through heartless mega corporations, cringe filled calls, and squirrels.
- Aggamare YouTube: Kitty Cat Cable Playlist
(Cartoon Series: Started 2021-07-01, Ongoing)

Flying paddles engage in a shoot out style version of table tennis. Not only the paddles but their shots will reverse the direction of the ball leading to a chaotic spectacle. This is a remake of a old Flash game I created in 2004 to get it up and running again in Air. The elements not made by me in the original have been pulled as well as the other feasible modes (Versus and Team) have been implemented.
(Game: Started 2004-12-05, Updated to run in Adobe Air 2022-01-26)